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In North and Central Somerset, we are blessed with glorious and diverse countryside yet have relatively good transport connections to Bristol, Bath and Taunton. It is not surprising therefore that rural properties are often sought after but securing a sale of your property requires special attention with trusted advice to both seller and buyer. If your property includes land then this can be a great advantage but can also bring a unique set of difficulties to trap the unwary.


Any marketing campaign needs to get off to a good start and getting the asking price right is key. Valuing rural property is very different to valuing houses in our market towns where ‘comparable transactions’ in streets and cul-de-sacs may be in abundance. High street agents can log onto Zoopla or Rightmove to get a valuation range before they even step into your home but can very quickly struggle when faced with valuing rural or village properties where comparables may be in short supply. Agents who are experienced in selling rural property will have a track record and will have an understanding of this unique market. In valuing property, they may broaden their search for comparable evidence but will also carefully take into account all the characteristics of the property and the locality. The existence of a view or access being by way of a bumpy track can make a lot of difference!


In marketing a rural or village property, an approach which is simply about displaying the property details on the websites or in the estate agent’s window isn’t good enough. Whilst these tools are important, you need an agent who will go that bit further to attract a purchaser. Appointing an agent who has expertise in selling rural property is vital as potential purchasers seeking property in the countryside will normally register with these agents first.


Buyers, particularly those relocating to the area, also seek advice that they can trust from a local, independent agent such as Killens. In respect of rural properties, they often require a huge amount of information ranging from the proximity and rating of local schools to travelling times to London to the ability of the local farmer to cut the grass and so on. Having an agent who can answer these questions immediately is key to securing a sale as any hesitancy can lead to mistrust and buyers being deterred. Buyers also like to communicate with an agent who isn’t trying to sell mortgages and other services to them.


In addition to website presence, specialist marketing is required and promotion such as proper brochures, featured newspaper articles in local and regional papers, contact with search agents and other contacts should be delivered. An agent who can spread the word that a property is on the market by being involved in the local community and recognised as someone to talk to can deliver a successful and quick sale.


It always amazes us at Killens that estate agents are keen to get their boards up and to launch a property onto the market without giving attention to the potential pitfalls in getting a sale to completion. We pay great attention to doing both!


With rural property, even houses in villages, there are matters that should be considered including:


- Access issues


- Planning potential, such as the existence of local factors preventing a house from being extended


- Services, including any rights over third party land or vice versa


- Any tenancy issues, such as occupation of land by the local farmer


- Grants and subsidies, such as Basic Payment Scheme or Countryside Stewardship


- Any reserved rights, such as sporting or minerals


- Environmental matters, such as contamination


- Boundaries & Mapping : are they in the right place? A detailed plan for sale purposes helps a sale.


- Land registration : Is the property registered? If not, this can really slow a sale.


At Killens, we have the niche expertise to sell rural and village property. We know the local villages well and can provide the specialist service that a rural property demands.


We offer a bespoke marketing service with commission rates from 0.5%.



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