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As the nights draw in and leaves gather on the ground, many people choose to sell their property. Autumn is a traditionally busy time of year for the property market but your home may not be looking at its best after a busy summer. Making an effort to properly present your home can make all the difference in maximising value and selling quickly. Here are some tips for selling your house in autumn to get your home looking its best for potential buyers.

1. Have a good old clear out - inside and out

Since your last spring clean, summer has probably been busy in the warm weather with lots of comings and goings having brought in dirt from outside. Now is the time, spiders tend to take up residence in every corner and get busy weaving webs so clear them away.

The change of season has also probably meant that the shoe pile in the hallway has grown bigger than ever. How about taking an afternoon out to have a good old clear out? Put summer stuff like sandals, sports equipment and picnic blankets away for another year and take those you don’t want to charity or throw them away. Quite simply – declutter!

In the garden, perhaps, games and unused furniture are lingering so put these away.

2. Clean the carpets

If you have rugs and carpets, it’s amazing what a difference it makes having them cleaned. We recommend cleaning carpets at least once a year and if you’re gearing up to sell, do it now. Quite often it is worth investing in a professional carpet cleaner to get stains out – or if you don’t want to pay you can hire carpet cleaners from local DIY stores.

3. Think about lighting – the brighter the better!

With the days getting shorter and gloomier, it’s important to consider how to make your property look appealing. Properties are best viewed during the daytime. Putting the lights on, even though it’s daytime can make a real difference. Ensure energy saving light bulbs are bright enough to make the room shine. If not, consider investing in some brighter ones for viewings. You can always switch them back afterwards. If you are using energy saving bulbs, switch them on WELL before any viewing so they’ve had a chance to brighten.

Think about where to place lamps in key rooms to add atmosphere. Whiter lights are best for big bright rooms but a more yellow tone can be great for smaller, cosier rooms such as bedrooms and snugs.

Ensure all blinds and curtains are fully open and windows are clean to let in as much natural light as you can.

4. Tidy the garden and add some late season colour

Gardens and first impressions count. Even if you’re no longer using it, your outside space is a key selling factor for your property. Now is the time to hide away toys, sandpits and paddling pools in order to show off your space at its best.

Sweep up the autumn leaves as regularly as you can and do some end of season weeding and mowing. Outside areas can look a little bland so try to add a splash of late season colour with the addition of a few pots or new plants in the borders. Flowers like dahlias, begonias and geraniums keep going until the first frosts or you can invest in some cyclamens or winter pansies. Most garden centres sell ready made pot displays that you can purchase to make instant impact.

If you have hidden areas in the garden, please don’t forget about keeping this clean and clear. Potential buyers will be looking at every part of the property!

5. Air the property regularly 

At this time of year, most of us want to close the windows, snuggle up and forget the weather outside. Drying washing outside can be difficult so a lot of us are forced to dry washing inside which creates extra moisture in the air.

Ensure you air the property before viewings by opening a few windows to get some fresh air in. This rule especially applies if your property has been empty for any amount of time as it may smell musty at this time of year.

6. Ensure the property is warm

For many of us, this is the first time in months that we’ve used the heating. Potential purchasers are always nervous regarding heating systems so make sure that it works well before viewings begin. Now is the time of year to bleed your radiators to make sure there are no leaks.

To make your property warm and inviting we recommend putting the heating on at least 30 minutes before any viewings. If you’re not around to do this, adjust the timer or ask your agent to do it.   If you have a fireplace or wood burner, it’s a good idea to get this on too.

7. Brighten things up with some autumn colour

Introducing some autumn colours to your home at this time of year can make it seem more inviting. It’s easy to do with throws or cushions in chocolate, terracotta or dark green. Using natural materials can have a striking effect too.

Are you thinking of selling this autumn, contact us for a FREE valuation.

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