It always used to be the perception that the best time to sell a property was in the Spring and the Autumn with the conventional wisdom being that selling in winter is a bad idea. Well that isn’t the case and there are actually benefits to selling your home in the winter that you may not appreciate.

Homes do sell in the winter and if you considering selling do give consideration to the following points:

Some Properties look great in the winter

Particularly in rural areas, some are seeking that warm cozy home and properties with big fireplaces and Christmas decorations can invite buyers to imagine sitting in front of them on a cold winter night having gone for a walk through the countryside during the day.

Winter Buyers are Serious and Motivated

Those seeking a home in the winter months are often serious, motivated, and ready to buy. Often, it’s because they have to. Maybe they are having to move job or need to be closer to family - whatever the case may be, they are often resolute, and their hunt for a new home is frequently urgent.

Life can change at the beginning of the year

The start of the new year often leads to changes in your life. Companies tend to make their personnel changes at the beginning of the year leading to motivated homebuyers seeking to find a new home quickly. They want to move once not twice and want to find and settle into their new surroundings as swiftly as possible.

Selling in the winter can get you a higher price

With less properties available during the winter months, selling in the winter could get you a higher price. The fact is that there are fewer choices for buyers during the winter months and, if they need to move, they will be less likely to try and negotiate the price down. Since they have fewer options, they are less likely to risk losing out whereas, during the summer, buyers are more likely to have a couple of properties they are interested in, so they feel more able to negotiate the price.

Focussed marketing

At Killens, we aim to give every property on our books the attention that it deserves at all times. It is certainly easier however to ensure this during the winter when there are less properties on the market. We ensure that your home is listed in the right places and promoted to those serious buyers seeking a home.

The Boxing Day search

Data from the UK’s biggest property website Rightmove reveals that Boxing Day and the period between Christmas and the New Year is the busiest during the year for home-mover activity as buyers make it their resolution to move in the New Year. Boxing Day in 2021 was the busiest day on record for activity and marketing during the winter ensures homes are put in front of these buyers.

So, go ahead – don’t hold back and be afraid to market your home this winter! You have nothing to lose. And it could really improve your chances of selling your home. So why not? It could be the perfect time to sell, so contact us for a free valuation and appraisal of your house.