Reaching London and the South East

As members of the Guild of Property Professionals, Killens has an associated office in Park Lane, London and is a member of a select network of 800 independent estate agents across the country.

Our office offers excellent access to the lucrative London and Investor Market. As exclusive members of The Guild, we are able to position your property in front of London buyers, attracting a wider audience of potential purchasers.

Your property will be visible on our state-of-the-art, external touchscreens located at the front of the Park Lane showroom, providing 24/7 viewing access to the public. In addition to the external touch screens, your property details can also be positioned on the display walls within the offices. Potential buyers can call in and the staff are highly trained and experienced in assisting buyers to locate suitable properties, providing sufficient details to raise interest and then directing any enquiries to us.